Bn Sina

Role: UX Research, UX Design, Visual Design & Design System Creation
cover image featuring sample screens from the finished UI for iOS screens
Why build the app?
quite simply: people trust the opinion of people they know. They also trust doctors but don't like to visit their clinics unless they have to.

Feeling under the weather, people tend to avoid a doctor’s appointment as much as possible. But when the ugly feeling doesn’t go away on it’s own we ask those we trust to recommend a doctor they had good experience with.
My Contributions
I was approached by the design agency to:
- handle user research,
- choose the right UX activities, perform them & present the results.
- design the interface screens,
- create an inVision prototype
- design the microinteractions
UX research Activities samples: personas, journey maps
Mind map
Studying the info, scope, prior research and requirement provided by the client, my first step was to arrange everything in a mind map, where I can recognize all sides of the project and their relation to each other and also always have a bird’s eye view of the whole project at a glance.
who are Bn Sina’s potential users?
User Stories
why do they need to use the app?
User Journey Map
how would they use it to cover that need?
UX design: user flow, wireframe, sitemap
Whats the point of wireframes & userflows?
creating wireframes and prototypes is such a great activity in any digital product design process because:
- you quickly put something that works (something ugly, mind you 🙈) in your client’s hands to play with. That alone gives you valuable feedback that saves hours and days of UI work.

- That same prototype can be used for usability testing on real users, validate your ideas, how cool is that?

- you have a blueprint to refer to during UI phase. Who on God’s green earth remembers what should go on each screen without writing it down? I’ve never met such a designer.

- there are many cases where UI design is done by someone else. I’d love to see someone designing an interface based on description alone. Scary thought, that!👻
ui style guide: components, textstyles, layer styles, color palettes

Design Style Guide Creation

For the developer's user; I created a style guide based on components. Text styles, layer styles, color palette, component styles and microinteraction descriptions.
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