Public Voting Web Platforms

Role: UX Research, UX Design, UI Design, Prototyping & Design System Creation
sample screens UI design web and mobile responsive
Public opinion was not being fully harnessed in decision making process in the KSA due to absence of a digital medium where people can voice their concerns, vote for regulation drafts and refer to active regulations. The same goes for private sector companies in KSA who feel the need for a platform where management can listen to its employees ideas and reward them for their participation in innovating the company.
My Contributions
As the lead visual designer at UX labs, my role included:
- UX research activities like Stakeholder analysis & user interviews.
- UX Design activities like sitemaps and wireframing.
- Design Systems creation.
- Visual Design (User interface and interactions design).
UX research Activities: stakeholder analysis, user interviews, user stories, personas
Stakeholder Analysis
We combined what we knew about potential users from the client and defined 5 major stakeholders, their potential needs, influence & the way to identify them.
User Interviews
Empathic & owning good analytical skills I contributed to writing user interview questions and then took over analysis with our UX Specialist.
User Stories
Potential needs from stakeholder analysis + needs from user interviews + competitor analysis = LONG list of user stories.
Literally the most fun part in digital product design. 😃 we arranged everything in a nice persona card and got the characters, needs & limitations straight.
UX design Activities: user journey map, user story map, sitemap, wireframe
User Journey Maps
How would Ms. Persona#1 stumble upon the platform, why would she visit & how would she finish what she came to do. Oh, and what she thought & felt at each point in time too.
User story Mapping
Arrange stories by feature/screen & you get what a user wants in every step in their journey. All that to understand needs and people think we just wireframe… 😒
Organize product screen hierarchy and show what each screen has in terms of content & features…ALMOST THERE!
It took 3 team members 2 months to finish arranging all content & features in visual blueprints because the amount of screens was simply too much (4 products, remember?)
sample images from UX research & design activities

after the usability test

for the admin dashboard prototypes, we found spots where our assumptions were wrong, fixed, then got the approval from the client to go ahead with visual design. Now it was my turn.
sample screens UI
Design Systems Creation (x4)
Working with a team or alone, I needed a unified design language; text styles, components, element states & color palettes. For each of the four platforms. How else would I finish & deliver anything consistent?
User Interface design (UI)
As the chief UI designer, my main job is , well, to design 😅 so I spent 3 months transforming those wireframes into pretty interfaces using (and adjusting) the design library.
Design Reviews
Giving design feedback is a major part of being the UI lead anywhere; there’s a scientific way to do it just right and it was a good learning experience for both us.
Microinteractions design
Design those pretty little animations that breathe life into the product and provide much needed system feedback to user actions.
🎃 The more fun version of the product story is here :)