Hanan Abu Shaikh

UX/UI Designer.Mentor. Nocode Developer.

Featured Work

MD Anderson Symptom Checker

Design the Experience & Interface and implement a simple self checker app for prostate cancer in older males in the USA.

design system

Creating a unified design language & streamlining UI components across the RIZEK customer app.

Gov Ideation &
Voting Systems

Design the UX & UI of two platforms for public voting and ideation in private companies & gov sector in KSA. Along with an admin dashboard for each platform.

Your Local Nanny
Apps & Dashboard

iOS and android apps and web based admin dashboard design & development.


Front and backend implementation of the Outgenie app for automating marketing process as a part of the Piblo team.

Chant App Audit
& Revamp

Revamp the app UI to streamline components, provide better backend functionality and improve overall performance and usability.

How I can help you
UX/ UI Design &

I offer full UX/UI design services applying the best practices for UCD to make your idea a living reality. I also audit existing products to improve overall UX.


If you have a great idea you want to test in the market and do not have the funds to pay a developer, I can build you an MVP using my super nocode powers :)


Design community is honestly amazing. Help was always there when I needed it as a junior and now it is my turn to help you :)
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