Salam! I'm Hanan.
I can design & build your app without a single line of code.

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Classera needed a customizable dashboard that can be tailored by any educational institution to fit their specific needs. It was my job to design that dashboard’s experience & interface.

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Saudi Gov Ideation & Voting Systems

As the lead designer at UX Labs, I managed and executed most of the UX & UI Design of two platforms for public voting and ideation in private companies & gov sectors in KSA. Plus an admin dashboard for each platform. Web & mobile.

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Botim Donations

Designed the end-to-end experience of making a donation through manual form or Donations GPT.
I am proud to say it is the simplest donation UX you will find anywhere.  Scan to try.It lit up the sky

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Apollo Audit, Redesign & Bubble Implementation

Redesigned the old Apollo website for reviewing crypto products for all user types:
reviewers, companies and company reps and implemented it fully; frontend & backend in

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Saudi Electricity Company Employee Dashboard

Redesigned the admin portal UX & UI for Saudi Electric Company as a part of Digital Wink.
My role was both a product manager and a designer for this project.

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Astra Design System + Documentation Website

I built a full design library that applied for all Quantix products at Astratech.
Plus: I developed a documentation website using to help developers understand components😎

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Need More?

I have been designing experiences for the last 10 years so I can gladly share more work as required.

UX/ UI Design &

I offer full UX/UI design services applying the best practices for UCD to make your idea a living reality. I also audit existing products to improve overall UX.


If you have a great idea you want to test in the market and do not have the funds to pay a developer, I can build you an MVP using my super nocode powers :)


Design community is honestly amazing. Help was always there when I needed it as a junior and now it is my turn to help you :)
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